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CES 2024, Las Vegas

Jan 9 – Jan 12. Las Vegas 2024

ISPA-EXPo, Columbus

Mar 12 – Mar 14. Columbus (OH) 2024


Our vision for sleep.


What we do.
Impact Sleep.

The manufacturer integrates Tecciō modules into the mattress or bed.

These modules change the firmness of the bed during sleep. Software driven.

Changes are so smooth – the user does not even notice them.

Software running as a smartphone app controls the modules. This app uses proprietary algorithms and real time sensor data.

Targeted firmness changes based on these algorithms affect sleep.

This is Tecciō.

Firmness changes during the night:

Good Night.

11:00 p.m. Soft
12:00 p.m. Soft
1:00 a.m. Medium
2:00 a.m. Firm
3:00 a.m. Firm
4:00 a.m. Medium
5:00 a.m. Soft
6:00 a.m. Firm

Good Morning.

Firmness change.


Tecciō uses dynamic foams that change their firmness anytime based on thermodynamic properties. No pumps or motors are needed as the foam itself becomes soft or firm.

An app determines the required firmness based on data – from manual input or from sensors. Tecciō algorithms are used to calculate the best firmness – anytime, real-time, overnight.

We were surprised to discover how sleep is affected by firmness changes overnight. Research discovers new Tecciō use cases frequently. 

A love story:

The mattress

meets its software.

Finally, a product designer can combine a mattress with intelligent software.

Sleep is increasingly important for consumers. The introduction of sleep-measuring devices like smart watches or sensors made that possible. These devices demonstrate that sleep is a complex pattern of biological functions – not just a ‘black box of time being unconscious’.

Even a normal night can be more or less effective for recovery. Users feel the difference if they wake up in deep sleep or do not get enough REM- or deep sleep. They also realize how often they wake up during a single night. With Tecciō a product designer can finally combine a mattress with intelligent software to change this.

You as the manufacturer can accompany your customer through the lifetime of the bed or mattress -making a new relationship possible. Welcome to the digital world!

A bed waking up.


Get a glimpse at some of our fascinating use cases:

Smart wake up

Choose! Smart-wake-up apps are very popular, waking you up while not in deep sleep, but that`s often too early.

A mattress using Tecciō prevents you from having deep sleep at your favourite wake up time, thanks to our algorithms.

Ergonomics for Millenials…

Yes, you heard it before. You should have a firm surface to support your spine. But you like to have it soft and comfortable. Just a click away… Tell the bed to be soft when going to bed and at wake up – but firm and supporting in the middle of the night. Done!

Weekend? Yes!

Work hard. Play hard. Your nights are very different. You are used to get up early during the week, but what about weekends? Relax. And sleep in. Does your bed know that too? A Tecciō bed adapts to the day of the week – and impacts your sleep accordingly. 

Who we are.

„Because Science Matters“

This is true everywhere and also in research for comfort products. And everything is becoming digital nowadays. We at Variowell Development believe in both ‘science’ and ‘digital’.

We apply modern digital scientific tools and methods to products which are developed in a very traditional way normally. We do not accept anything as given. In doing this we have collected an extensive portfolio of IP-rights, patents and – most important – Know How.Our team members are regularly in Silicon Valley participating in industry relating events. Other team members are working in councils for the standardization of sleep tech products.


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